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Professional Massage Therapy/Bodywork


Frances T. Rosamond, CA

This business is so cozy and relaxing.  The massage table is warm and the oils and lotions used are made to address the clients issues. The warm towels for body and feet are a plus. Shelly is an exceptional bodywork and movement practitioner.  Shelly is personable with a vast  knowledgeable about the body and its connections which includes movements/exercises that improve areas you are having massaged.  Highly recommend.



Bea B. H. Oklahoma City, OK. 

IF I lived in California, I would be going to Shelly all of the time. I've had many massages in my life and this is the first one where the person took the time to understand me and my problems and how to address them before beginning and I wish I was taking notes all the way through the massage. My Daughter recommended her to me so when I went on vacation I made it a point to see her. Amazing! Sorry I can only give 5 stars!!! Bea Hooper (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma )



Rayna G. Canyon Country CA.

I think Shelley is one of a kind. I saw her today for the first time and have complete trust in her that she can help me with the horrible pain I've been dealing with for so long. I know its a long process and I'm willing to go the long haul. Shelley is smart, informative, kind and knows her stuff.



Robin P.R. Lancaster, CA

Shelly has been my personal trainer for the past 5 years. Over the last two years she has expanded her knowledge of the body and how it works in order to enhance the physical improvements of her clients’ bodies. I have personally experienced the wonders of what NKT can do to relieve problems that have popped up as I age and are the result of sitting for too many hours at my desk. Her skills as a massage therapist are greatly appreciated when extra relief is needed. I highly recommend that you seek out Shelly’s expertise if you need relief from your weary days or improvement due to injury.



Celia B. Palmdale, CA.

I had been praying and looking for a massage therapist I could trust. I found Shelly, from our first consultation she made me feel very comfortable. Her kindness and knowing she was sincerely attentive to knowing my needs was refreshing! Her knowledge in NKT to release the pains in my body was definitely great! Shelly is truly passionate about her work in helping people feel healthy and good. I have always felt that in order to be good at anything you must sincerely be driven by passion. I am grateful for her genuine care . Shelly is a lovely person and gifted with great knowledge. A great combination! I highly recommend Shelly!



Pamula B.  Quartz Hill, CA. 

My family and I have been clients of Shelly's for years. She has always had a gift for healing through her personal consultation and strength training. She helped me gain 100% recovery from my severely broken leg/ankle, nearly amputated. So when I underwent double mastectomy breast cancer, I knew the person I would come to when I was ready, was Shelly. My blessing is being ready as she received her new certifications. My body was incredibly stiff and sore and my feet so painful I thought something was broken. Seriously, after one magical physical and emotional Massage Therapy with Shelly yesterday I was a little sore last she said I would be. But her skilled, strong, gentle touch has my body pain free first thing this morning!!! I have always trusted Shelly with myself and my kids, completely, but this new gifted level of massage has me in awe. Her initial counsel session, personal selection of aroma oils specific for my body, peaceful, serene, warm and comfy massage room....all have me excited about my next session as part of my complete recovery from my breast cancer journey....



Diane J. Palmdale, CA

Shelly is a wonderful, amazing massage therapist . She made me feel comfortable and took time to find out about my needs. I highly recommend her and look forward to future massages. Thank you Shelly!



Jen T.M.  Palmdale, CA. 

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and I am very skeptical about treatments. After going to Shelly, I can truly say that my quality of life has improved significantly. She has tailored a program using different techniques and approaches to treat the ever changing and evolving symptoms of this awful illness. The treatments are not painful and it is the first time in many years that I can say that treatment has relieved pain from my body. I feel that Shelly understands this lifelong disease and truly wants to treat me as a person. She has become a member of the team of professionals who are helping me live with Fibro. She takes into consideration my choice of medical treatment and works with me as to not block medications and other specific needs. I highly recommend Shelly to anyone suffering from Fibromyalgia! Her program works! Words can’t express how grateful I am for all that she has done.

Sherri G.  Palmdale, CA. 

I was sent to Shelly for something completely unrelated to my scoliosis that should have only taken a few visits.  As I found out the other things that she did I decided to have her work on my scoliosis.
I have had severe scoliosis all of my life. I went to children's hospital as a child and wore a back brace,

As an adult I decided to try chiropractic. That worked far better then the back brace, however I still had some pain & headaches.  I also had Rolfing work in the past, it helped but was extremely painful.

Shelly started NKT along with exercises specifically designed to strengthen the weak areas of my spine.  my curve is now visibly much better and the pain and headaches are greatly reduced.  I am sure that overtime it will get much better and I am now having her work on other areas of my body. I highly recommend her to anybody with pain or structural issues.

V.S. Willow Springs, CA.

I first went to see Shelly because I have asthma and I was hoping that she may help me to go a more natural route. The medicine I was on for close to 20 years was causing a build up of inflammation in my body and I hurt all over.  Needless to say, I started looking for an alternative medicine. She listened and asked lots of questions. Shelly suggested some exercises to help open up my airways. That evening when I got home I didn't need my inhaler. I would do the exercises every morning and I had long stretches of time between the uses of my inhaler. I think that with Shelly's help combined with some changes in my diet, my breathing has improved and has gotten better over the past year. I haven't used my inhaler for the past 10 or so weeks and counting. Over the past year I have been seeing Shelly for massages about once a month because I'm a 1st grade teacher, I just turned 60 years old and it makes me feel good! She does an awesome job and takes her time and I never feel rushed. Before I met Shelly I'd never had a massage. I would recommend Shelly because of my experiences.



D.V. Palmdale, CA.

I have been going to Shelly for some back and hip problems, I am a work in progress, but things have much improved.

Shelly is kind and listens to your concerns. She looks at how you move and makes corrections.  Now that she in her new place she also has her gym available to you.  There she has you work on movement and strength.  You really are in good hands with Shelly.



Myles M. Palmdale, CA. 

If you have any problems with your body you need to visit Shelly. I came into her with my spine so crooked it looked like a snake, now it's pretty much completely straight.

I only weighed 135 lbs at 6'2 as well after working with her I got up to about 205 lbs.



Jill F. K. San Diego CA. 

Shelly is a gifted and thoughtful hands on practitioner. Her background is super comprehensive and she has a full complement of modalities to draw from to help you relax, heal, and recover. I highly recommend her services of massage, NKT, personal training, breath work, and Adaptable Polarity. Don't hesitate to book a session with her to get the assistance you need to reach your goal of health and wellness.