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To relieve lower back pain and help align the pelvis. (April 2019)




Lying with calves in a chair seat. At least 24 inches.

Easy restorative Yoga pose for back pain relief 3: lying with calves in a chair seat

Raising your legs in this pose lengthens your lower spine and can relax your lower back muscles, and is especially useful if you have tight hamstrings.

The extra height of the lower legs also adds a deeper relaxation effect for the brain; helpful for stress relief as well as back pain relief.

 Most bodies will need some support beneath the back of the head, so that the cervical spine is long and spacious. It should be just high enough that your chin is not tilted upwards, your forehead is just a little higher than your chin, and the gaze of your eyes falls downwards in a relaxed way.

Ideally, place a yoga matt or folded blanket beneath the length of your whole body, so that the surface of the ground is still firm and even.

 Your calves should  sit easily into the chair seat. Some people like a folded blanket under the sacrum for extra height too, but this is very personal, so try it and see how you feel.

You may feel additional relief by placing the heavy blanket or soft weight over the front hips and low belly, to further assist with lengthening the lower back, and for relaxation. Weighted blankets are ideal for this!

If you have neck tension, try the small soft rolled towel behind the curve of your neck. Make sure the roll feels like it’s just filling in the curve of your neck comfortably, not pushing or lifting your neck.

If possible, lie your hands on the floor with your palms facing upward. 


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